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Brokerage requirements for returning commission to the official website of Empire Group:

After careful consideration by the board of directors, it has been decided that the official website will be reorganized and launched in 2024.

Requirement 1: Hold one of the following 9 types of licenses.

Requirement 2: The comprehensive evaluation of brokerage assets must be greater than RMB 100 million before it can be launched.

1. UK FCA (STP)/(MM)

2. FINMA Switzerland

3. US NFA (MM)

4. Hong Kong SFC

5. Hong Kong CGSE (Class A or above)

6. Australian ASIC (STP)/(MM)

7. Japan FSA

8. New Zealand FMA (STP)/(MM)

9. Cyprus CYSEC (STP) (MM)

The group's long-term plan.

The Empire Group solemnly declares:

Starting from June 2024, in order to improve the quality of the group, reduce uncontrollable risks, and take preventive measures. The number of cooperative brokers has been reduced from over 300 to 99,

In the later stage, it will only be limited to 99 brokers and will not be added, only replaced. "Collecting factors: 1. Market awareness. 2. Trading environment and comprehensive spread cost. 3. The value of regulatory licenses. 4. The scale of brokerage operations and risk resistance. 5. The speed of deposit and withdrawal. 6. The brokerage service experience."

The allocation of TOP99 seats is as follows:

79 seats: can open agents for international brokers

10 seats: International quality broker for direct customer service

5 seats: Hong Kong Gold and Silver Trading Ground (HKD 50/50+50)

5 seats: undetermined seats, some brokers add/adjust seats

Partners can carefully review relevant information and choose a suitable broker for themselves

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