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The newly added operational sectors in 2024 are as follows:

Starting from 2024, the group will launch the "Asset Management" section to provide account management services for high net worth clients. The specific situation is as follows. The important matters of the "Foreign Exchange Trading Investment Contract" are explained as follows:

1. Summary of Investment Rules: (Foreign Exchange Trading Investment): Technology stocks account for 45%, while capital stocks account for 55%

Stocks only enjoy dividend rights, while technical stocks are responsible for all trading decisions

2. Foreign exchange trading investors contribute 9 levels:

LV1: 50000 RMB

LV2: 100000 RMB

LV3: 200000 RMB

LV4: 500000 RMB

LV5: 800000 RMB

LV6: 1 million RMB

LV7: 3 million RMB

LV8: 5 million RMB

LV9: 10 million RMB

3. Six levels of investment dividend methods for foreign exchange trading investors:

LV1: 0% breakeven risk (35% return on capital stock) accounting for 19.25%+"Enjoy the highest annual interest rate of 2% for interbank fixed deposits"

LV2: Assume 10% risk (45% return on capital stock) Accounting 24.75%

LV3: Assume 30% risk (capital stock returns 65%) Accounting 35.75%

LV4: Assume 50% risk (90% return on capital stock) accounting for 49.5%

LV5: Assume 80% risk (100% return on capital stocks+10% concession on technology stocks) accounting for 59.5%

LV6: Assume 100% risk (capital stock returns of 100%+30% technology stock concessions) accounting for 68.5%

"Investors need to determine their investment level and risk acceptance level before deciding on their investment. The investment level is 9 levels, and the risk acceptance level is 6 levels. The dividend cycle is weekly liquidation, and the profits and losses from Monday to Friday are settled every weekend. Investors should take corresponding positions, take risks or receive dividends. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, only cooperation funds above $7000 are accepted."

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