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1、 Explanation of the Loyalty Reward Program for the Empires Group:

The event is invited by internal personnel and not enjoyed by all users! The transaction volume reaches the corresponding prize level, and the backend system on the official website has clear notes and relevant explanations.

Special benefits for long-term cooperative users. There will be a dedicated compliance audit department to investigate the overall situation of customers and make corresponding evaluations.

As long as the customer has a long-term cooperation, we will generously distribute to them.

If the transaction volume is particularly large, customers who brush prizes can contact the group customer service in advance for corresponding consultation and prize preparation work.

2、 Notification:

Starting from October 2023, VIP brokers working with the Empire Group for commission rebates cannot exceed the highest standards in the market for certain platforms. (To avoid malicious competition that affects the entire market)

In order to give back to new and old customers, we offer commission back to the official website of the Empire Group The loyalty reward program will be open to some brokers. The prizes involved can be exchanged for points,

1 standard hand is 1 integral. The limit for exchanging points for US dollars is 0.2-0.75 US dollars. The specific rules should be confirmed with the group staff before opening an account,

Customers are free to apply for redemption before the 20th of each month. Thank you

LV1: Redeem 0.2 points for 1 point above 500 standard hands

LV2: Redeem 0.25 for 1 point above 1000 standard hands

LV3: Redeem 0.3 points for 1 point above 3000 standard hands

LV4: Redeem 0.5 points for 1 point above 5000 standard hands

LV5: 1 point above 10000 standard hands can be exchanged for 0.65

LV6: 1 point above 20000 standard hands can be exchanged for 0.75

The above transaction volume is the statistical cycle of monthly transaction volume. Before opening an account, confirm with the group staff which specific platforms can participate.

(It is worth reminding that the exchange amount is not a commission, and our group operates under the rules of brokers to avoid unnecessary disputes.)

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